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We can help you get the refinance options on your home loan refinance Palmdale to best suit your situation. Even though it may seem like it sometimes, there are not as many loan programs as there are applicants! Call us at 877-244-9190 and we’ll work with you to qualify you for the right refinance loan program for your home mortgage Palmdale situation. There are several questions to ask yourself while you consider the choices.

Reduce your Monthly Payment with a Lower Rate

Lower mortgage rates Santa Clarita.Are achieving better payments and an improved rate your main reasons for refinancing? If so, applying for a low, fixed-rate loan might be a wise option for you. Perhaps you now have a higher rate fixed rate mortgage, or perhaps you have an ARM — adjustable rate mortgage with which the rate of interest can vary. Even if rates come up later, unlike with your ARM, when you qualify for a fixed rate mortgage, you set that low interest rate for the term of your loan. This is a good choice if you aren’t expecting a move within the next five years or so. But if you do plan to move more quickly, you will need to consider an ARM with a low initial rate to get reduced payments.

Doing a Refinance to get Cash Out

Are you wanting to get some  cash of your home equity in your mortgage refinance? Maybe you’re planning a special vacation; you need to pay tuition for your college-bound child; or you plan to renovate your home. So you will need to look for a loan for more than the remaining balance on your current mortgage.In that case, you will You’ll be looking for a loan for more than the remaining balance with your current mortgage loan in that case. However, if your loan interest rate is high now and you’ve had it for quite a few years, you could be able to accomplish your goals without a rise in your mortgage monthly payment.

Paying Off Debt

Do you have other debt, maybe with higher interest, that you want to consolidate? If you hold some higher interest debts (like credit cards or vehicle loans), you might be able to take care of that debt with a loan with a lower rate through your mortgage refinance, if you have the equity built up to make it work.

Get a 15 Year Mortgage and Save

Are you wanting to increase your equity faster, and get your mortgage paid off sooner? In that case, you need to find out about refinancing to a short term mortgage loan – such as a fifteen-year mortgage loan. You will be paying less interest and increasing your equity more quickly, although your mortgage payments will likely be more than you have been paying. But, you could be able to make the change without a bigger monthly mortgage payment if your longer term mortgage was closed a while ago, and the balance remaining is low. You could even pay less!

We know refinance and our years of mortgage experience, allows us to determine the best options for your situation. Getting a home loan refinance Palmdale can be tough but with our experience it can be easy.Want to know more about refinancing your home? Call us at 877-244-9190.

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