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I have a new job, can I still get a loan? Yes, as long as it's in the same line of work that you've had for the past two years.
What Kind of Loan Can I get with a 3.5% Down Payment? An FHA loan. You will pay an extra mortgage insurance fee each month, but you can buy a home. FHA is an INCOME drive program and so even if your credit is just average, FHA will have a loan program for you.
What Kind of Loan Can I Get with a 10% Down Payment? A good loan at a good rate, and pay no extra monthly mortgage payment if your credit score is in excellent condition. Several options are available with this amount down. The best option will depend on your specific financial situation.  
What Kind of Loan Can I Get with a 20% Down Payment? The BEST LOAN AVAILABLE, without any extra monthly mortgage payment or fees.  

Welcome to the Ashland, Oregon branch of First Priority Financial. Although we are based in southern Oregon, we are capable of completing Oregon and California Home Loans. Purchase or Refinance.

We especially enjoy rewarding the best borrowers with great interest rates and the lowest closing costs.

Through FHA & USDA we also specialize in hard to find home loans for borrowers with less than stellar credit, or who want to borrow over 80% of their home's value.

First Priority Financial – Where We Take Care of Your Loan as if it Were Our Own

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It’s always best to work with a brokerage company, like First Priority Financial, who has access to all of the different lenders so as not to be limited to one institution or bank.

Each borrower has their own loan situation that should be analyzed by a professional loan officer. We hope that you let the Ashland, Oregon branch of First Priority Financial be your loan resource site. Give us a chance and apply today. There is no obligation to apply and mention this website to receive a FREE CREDIT REPORT along with your free mortgage loan analysis.